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“I Love Me!”- Ways to Practice Self-Love This Valentine’s Day

By Kelsey Hokit
Valentine’s Day may be a day typically filled with expressions of love for someone special in your life, but there is nobody more important to love than yourself! Whether you have someone to share it with or not, these tips will help you practice self-love and enjoy the holiday no matter what!
1) Spa Night
There is not much that is more relaxing than a spa night at home! Indulge in your favorite bath products and create your own oasis at home. Put on a face mask, light a yummy candle, and spend some time without any distractions. 
2) Buy Yourself Flowers
Nobody ever said you couldn’t treat yourself to flowers or chocolates! If that is something you love and enjoy, then absolutely go for it. You could even make it more fun and buy individual flowers and arrange your own bouquet at home! 
3) Make a List of Things You Love About Yourself
Showing yourself love doesn’t have to be about buying anything at all. A beautiful way to show yourself love is to write down 3-5 things that you genuinely love about yourself. This is an amazing way to show gratitude and be proud of who you are. 
4) Spend Time with Friends
Maybe you don’t have a partner to share Valentine’s Day with, but that also doesn’t mean you need to spend it entirely alone. Plan a get together with friends! Maybe you have been busy and haven’t had the chance to see a friend in a while or you just want to enjoy a fun girl’s night. Either way, this is the perfect opportunity to have a relaxing movie night or grab a bite to eat at your favorite restaurant! 
5) Dress in Your Favorite Outfit
Even if you have nowhere to go, throw on your favorite outfit for a night! You deserve to feel amazing no matter what so get dressed up and order takeout at home if you don’t feel like going anywhere. Enjoy wearing something that makes you feel great and make a fun night out of it! 
These self-love tips will have you feeling better than ever this Valentine’s Day whether you are planning to spend it with someone special or enjoy the time alone!